Plan A Visit

Plan Your Visit

Visiting a new church can be pretty intimidating! We know because we’ve all been there. We’ve designed this page to help you prepare for your first visit to The Healing Center Church main Campus, so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

On a typical Sunday morning or Wednesday mid-week Bible study at The Healing Center Church main Campus you’ll find many different kinds of people on different parts of their faith journey. Chances are, there will be other newcomers just like you. Whether you’re new to church and the faith of Jesus Christ, or a longtime Jesus-follower, you will be fully loved regardless.

Worship Times

  • Sunday’s 11am & Wednesday mid-week Bible study service 7pm


  • 515 Reed Road, Dalton, Georgia 30720

  • 706.229.9456



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  • Get to Know Us

    Our church is known for our love and truth for God,Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We believe we are the hands and feet of God and we must be fully dedicated and fully sold-out to the Kingdom of God in every way. Our goal is to be God’s light in our communities bringing the power of God through the Blood of Jesus Christ for; Salvation, Healing and Deliverance to those who are bound! We know that Heaven is made of all peoples, so if you want Jesus we want YOU! We know it all starts with the Lord calling the lost who are in sin into the light of God. Or for those who love and are a follower of God and want a deeper and a richer relationship and connection with Jesus Christ.

    Our ultimate goal is for everyone at The Healing Center Church to take the faith of Jesus at the pace of what the Holy Spirit says. Our church is place to heal and to be at peace. It’s a place to influence healthy family change and abundant relationships. It won’t be boring. Your kids can also come and be free to worship Jesus in a safe place! But more importantly, we’ll help your family and your kids to really know Jesus, to help them figure out what their call is through the Lord so they can help change the world according to the Scriptures! 

  • About Our Music

  • Music at The Healing Center Church mirrors what you might hear on contemporary Christian radio and some of those awesome old hymns. 

  •  Parking Lot 

At The Healing Center Church main campus there are two entrances both located on Reed Road. The main entrance located on the North end of Reed Road is where everyone parks. The entrance on the South end of the building is for staff and deliveries.

     •    Entering The Church Building   

When you enter through the main church entrance there are different areas from the sanctuary, nursery, children’s church, youth room, restrooms and other areas. We will have dedicated leaders to navigate you comfortably to whatever area your family is in need of. Don’t be concerned we are here to serve you and your family and we will go the extra mile+ to make you feel right at home.

     •    What Do I Wear

Never ever worry about your attire. We have people who wear shorts, jeans, slacks, dresses and suits. So, come as you are from work, home or play. It is not what you wear that counts, it is who you are in Jesus is what counts!