M.A.P. (Men Against Porn)

Pornography addiction is rising at huge rates, and it is impacting people from male and female to every age group. The long-term repercussions are often overlooked, because of this, many spiritual, physical and mental health issues develop. These issues change the dynamics of the family, all types of relationships even professional relationships.  

Some of the things to expect from porn addiction are these...aggression, lack of emotional connections, decrease in trust, lying, loss of self-confidence and self-worth, drug and alcohol addiction, suicidal thoughts, outbursts, tiredness, decreased love, hours of isolation on computers or smart devises, seeking sexual relief, feelings and cravings of perversion and multiple other desires of interactions of types of perversion, and the very worst thing that can happen from this unrepentant sin is…eternal death and a complete separation from God!!!   

According to Barna Research and Covenant Eyes...Pornography has griped so much of the world and even a lot of the church. Here are some statistics and the numbers are growing by the minute:

1. Over 46 million Americans visit regularly porn sites daily.

2. There are at least 42 million porn sites which totals around 370 million images of porn.

3. 75.8 percent of Americans at one point watched porn.

4. 93 percent of boys are exposed to porn in some form before they turn 18 years old.

5. 69.3 percent of men watch porn for sexual excitement.

6. 42.3 percent of women say they watch porn.

7. 1 in 3 men, and 1 in 5 women have watched porn due to peer pressure.

8. 87 percent of men between the ages of 18-35 say they watch porn on a weekly basis.

9. 62 percent of girls say they are exposed to porn in some form before 18 years old.

10. 70 percent of women say they watch porn and have never told anyone.

11. 20 percent of men say they watch porn at work.

12. 56 percent of people married get divorced because of one watching porn.

13. 70 percent of youth pastors report that they have had one teen tell them they need help because of porn addiction.

14. 55 percent of married men and 25 percent of married woman say they watch porn at least once a week or once a month.

15. 68 percent of church-going men and over 50 percent of pastors view porn on a regular basis.

16. 76 percent of young Christian adults from 18-24 years old actively search for porn.

17. One out of every two people, that's 50 percent of the people sitting in church pews, are looking at porn sites.

There are so many other statistics...if you are or know someone who is addicted to porn, just remember that addiction and bondage opens the door to so many other potential sins, addictions and failures. 

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